Rat Rods and Burnouts

Burnouts With Rat Rods

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What are Rat Rods and Burnouts?

Rat rods are a type of hot rod that is intentionally left unfinished, giving them a rough and rusty appearance. Burnouts, on the other hand, are when a driver spins the car’s rear wheels while stationary, creating a large amount of smoke and noise.

The Do’s of Rat Rods and Burnouts

  • Wear appropriate safety gear such as a helmet and seatbelt when participating in burnouts.
  • Make sure that the area is clear of pedestrians, other vehicles, and property.
  • Use a designated burnout area such as a drag strip or empty parking lot.
  • Check the car’s oil and tire pressure before attempting a burnout.
  • Practice proper technique by applying the brakes while simultaneously pressing the gas pedal until the wheels spin.

To ensure safety and prevent damage to the car, it’s important to follow these guidelines when participating in these activities:

The Don’ts of Rat Rods and Burnouts

To avoid accidents and damage to the car, it’s essential to avoid these practices:

  • Never attempt a burnout on public roads or in areas with heavy traffic.
  • Avoid burnouts in areas with dry grass or leaves as it can start a fire.
  • Do not attempt a burnout if the car has mechanical issues or worn-out tires.
  • Do not attempt to do burnouts with passengers in the car.
  • Never participate in a burnout competition or challenge as it can lead to reckless driving.


Rat rods and burnouts can be an exciting activity for car enthusiasts, but it is crucial to prioritize safety above all. By following the do’s and don’ts, individuals can participate in these activities while preventing harm to themselves, their passengers, and minimize the damage done to their cars.

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